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Monday, March 5, 2012

Designing for Generosity

 We came across this video recently and are excited to share it. In this Tedx Talk, Nipun Mehta speaks simply and eloquently about the inherent goodness in people and the joyous feelings of satisfaction that come through giving generously without thought of receiving. Chris and I, through the Sharing Gardens, are offering the opportunity for this same kind of experience to our neighbors in Alpine and Monroe (and others, vicariously, around the world!)  it just plain feels good to give! When you watch this video, it is not so difficult to imagine a world transformed through simple acts of kindness. Pass it on! Love, Llyn

What would the world look like if we designed for generosity? Instead of assuming that people want to simply maximize self-interest, what if our institutions and organizations catered to our deeper motivations? This compelling TEDx talk explores this question and introduces the concept of Giftivism: the practice of radically generous acts that change the world. The video is charged with stories of such acts, ranging from: the largest peaceful transfer of land in human history, to a pay-it-forward restaurant, to a 10-year-old's unconventional birthday celebration, and the stunning interaction between a victim and his teenage mugger. With clarity and insight, it details the common threads that runs through all these gift manifestations, and invites us to participate through everyday acts of kindness -- in an uplifting global movement.

Thanks so much for the folks at KarmaTube and Nipun Mehta (the speaker in this video) for cultivating generosity and kindness in the world.

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