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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exciting News!

Hello dear friends,
Are you a cyclist looking for a challenging and fun ride that will directly benefit the "Sharing Gardens"? Are you a “local” who would like to volunteer some time to help us raise funds for our project in a fun and meaningful way?
This post is to let you know that on Saturday, September 17th, the “Sharing Gardens” are hosting an exciting fund-raising event for some much-needed financial support for our project. The “Farm-to-Farm Century Ride” is a 100-mile bicycle tour that will begin and end in Monroe. A group of cyclists, as many as 100, will meet for breakfast at the Monroe Legion Hall, and embark on a scenic loop, taking them to four farms along the way. Each farm will spoil riders with the best-tasting mid-ride food that comes directly from the farms and local companies that share the ride’s philosophy: “Be healthy! Eat locally!” When the riders return to the Monroe “Sharing Gardens”, they will be served a fresh, gourmet, vegetarian meal with background, acoustic entertainment provided by local musicians.

The “Farm to Farm Century Ride” is meant to call attention to several local, small-scale farms in our area: “Leaping Lamb”, and “Gathering Together” (near Philomath) and “Horse Creek Farm” and “Groundwork Organics” to the north and south of Junction City. 
Oregon happens to be one of the few states where the median age of farmers is less than 60 years old and whose population of new people coming to farming is increasing.

As you know, the “Sharing Gardens” are a unique community-garden, based in Alpine and Monroe. Instead of many small plots, rented by individual families, the gardens are grown collectively. Participating gardeners come together one to three times a week. Everyone shares in the harvest, the joys of learning to grow food together and a genuine sense of community through joining in this meaningful activity. The surplus produce is given away to local charities. No one is ever charged money for the food that is grown. The gardens function entirely through volunteer efforts and donations.

Cyclists can register for the event up till September 12th at www.FarmToFarmRide.com 
Click here, to volunteer or contact Jennifer Hughes (Ride coordinator) at 503-569-4691.
Here is a 'wish list' , specific to our catering needs.

Meals will be provided only to the cyclists who have paid their entrance fees and volunteers (no one can show up the day of the event and purchase a meal).  

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