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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free Farm Stand Needs Our Help

Free Farm Stand, in San Francisco - A variation on the Sharing Gardens theme
There is a project in the heart of San Francisco, that started around the same time as the Alpine and Monroe Sharing Gardens, that has very similar aims and values. Not only do they grow food in large, shared garden plots with volunteers and donated materials but they have a weekly Free Farm Stand that has become a channel for many other community gardens and local farmers with surplus food to give away to those in need.

It's founder, Tree, has become a friend and support for the project we are doing and we have exchanged many emails since we first found each other a year or so ago. His project, the Free Farm and Free Farm Stand, is one in five finalists for the Citizen of Tomorrow Award from The Bay Citizen. He, and the many participants of the project would appreciate it if you'd go to the following link and cast a vote.  Link to citizen of tomorrow voting  The Free Farm/Stand is the third project. You can vote as often as once a day until May 16th.

Please spread the word!

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