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Sunday, February 6, 2011

It Takes a Village...

Last week's Alpine Community Center open House was a joyous and wonderful success. Looking around at the diversity of people and seeing old friendships deepen and new ones being formed gave me a warm feeling and a sense of pride in being part of this community.  If you haven't had a chance to watch the video about the Open House that Lonnie and Alison produced, here's that link again.

There have been many people who contributed to the preparations for the Open House. We did the best we could to remember everyone so please forgive us if your name isn't specifically mentioned. You are indeed appreciated!

Jason and Alicia of Crag Creek Forestry = pruned the rhododendrons and did weed-eating in the ditches
Marie Saito = Kids corner
Sky Evans = temporary tattoos
John Norrena= beer server, structural engineering work
Avalon wine = provided wine
Johan Forrer = musician
Sam Pecorillo = musician
Howard Steele = musician

Diane Hoff - strategizing and keeping notes at key discussions
Mike Puhek- electrical inspection
John Scott = roofing, sign installation and cross removal, cleaned gutters, replaced light bulbs in the porch, helped with central beam issue
Tibbi Scott = vacuuming, indoor cleaning, gutter cleaning,
Jim and Sharon Kavanagh = helped with furnace repairman, provided bread and butter
Hazen Parsons = weatherized outdoor water plumbing, helped in kitchen
Andy Parsons = replaced outdoor water plumbing, helped fix water plumbing
Roger Irvin = Grass fed, free-range beef for chili
Jenny Gray = backup beer server, designed the flier
Alison Hellwege helped in kitchen
Lonnie Hellwege = photos and video
Devon Barnhurst and swine 4Hers = set up and clean up
Veda Estell = food server, kitchen help
Karen  and Tadd - Queen Bee Honey = For their cooperation and support in hosting the Community Center up until now, and making the transition easy to the new building.

Susan Debates = cleaning
Sherrie Deaton = kitchen help
George Wisner = set up and clean up
Patty Parsons = food coordinator, shopping for all the chili ingredients, raspberry lemonade
Dorothy Brinckerhoff = printed and distributed flier, put announcement on cable, helped put up mail box
Steve Rose = carved a large stirring spoon for the chili
Llyn Peabody and Chris Burns = cooked the chili
Gary Watts = helped with water, mail box and more
Rob Hinton = roofing, sign installation and cross removal
Gordon Dobbie = roofing, sign installation and cross removal
Pete Salerno = roofing, sign installation and cross removal
Warren Halsey = cross removal
Laurie Halsey = provided lunch for Work party 
Evelyn Lee = continuing to manage the list serve, spear-heading the building acquisition and too many other things to detail here.

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