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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alpine Garden wishlist

Llyn and Malachi, planting tomatoes, May 2009

 Gates: 4', 6' or 10'

 Garden shed: pre-fab or materials to build one

 Garden tools/gloves

 Hoses: soaker and regular

 Sprinkler heads/hose nozzles

 Storage tank for water

 Drip irrigation lines

 PVC piping

 Manure: any kind as long as you can deliver it.

 Hay/straw (spoiled is fine)

 Leaves/lawn clippings

 Seeds: open-pollinated/heirloom varieties

 Sprouting potatoes (under your sink) - anytime of year. Just leave them at the door of the pre-school in Alpine.

 Herbs/perennials that need thinning/division

Contact us at the
Alpine Community Garden
Chris Burns and Llyn Peabody - Garden Facilitators

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