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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tractor mechanic?

Here's a picture of the beautiful, 1947 Farmall Cub that Chris and I bought a few years ago and need some help getting it to run again. It worked fine last summer but we had to replace the carburetor and it's never run right since.

These Cubs are amazing! They were designed for farming vegetables before agri-business got into the picture. They're perfect for the small family-farm, or a farmer producing food to take to the local markets. We have implements so we can peel the sod right off the top layer of soil. After digging down deeper and working rabbit manure, and other kinds, into the earth, the tractor can then make mounded rows perfectly ready to plant seeds and starts into! But alas, none of this can happen until we get the little bug running again. Do you know of anyone who can help? This engine is a joy to work on for someone who likes the old engines before they started computerizing them and such.

Give us a call, or email. Thanks! Llyn and Chris - 424-2262 AlpineCoGarden@gmail.com

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